Smartphone Limitations

The Smartphone doesn’t need full functionalities of your desktop PC – though with some ingenuity it may provide information and facts on the user. The Smartphone has two major limitations – the width from the screen (about 320 pixels to 640 for the iPhone 5) and the possible lack of a keyboard. The designer needs to deal with these limitations. 

Input Limitations

Regarding the character input limitations – the numbers through 9 along with a through Z could be entered via command buttons or a drop down.

Screen Size

The peak in the screen is very little problem, as the user can scroll down. The screen width limitation seriously isn’t limiting since it first seems. The font size that’s acceptable over a PC should be reduced for viewing on a Smartphone. Hence more information can fit in all directions.

The person boasts the choice to pan and zoom – but this needs to be kept to a minimum.

Meta tags and CSS

The HTML Meta tag “viewport” (created by Apple, but supported by most mobile browsers) needs to be emerging each Web site so that the Page displays the right width. Otherwise layout, design will probably be minuscule, and must be expanded by the user for an acceptable viewing size.

Because of the smaller display size, site wide CSS layouts will need to be changed for all pages from the Smartphone. It’ll make life easier for your developer if your make and model with the Smartphone is standardized.